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Among all the psychic tasks that Vassilissa has to accomplish due to her contact with Baba Yaga, this time she has to wash the clothes of the witch.

The water, life’s origin, purify, erease, blenish and regenerate what we dip in. It is the symbol of revelation, represents all the possibilities of manifs and to access to a new level.

Cleaning the clothes of Bab Yaga the wild lady, is a strong mean initiated by water, symbol of careless energies of the soul, it will allow her to reveal her goals. It is primary to keep the fibres of the soul clean, in good conditions, to throw away all what could put a shape, clog up such as : the limitative thinging, the self critic, the discouragement, the tasks putting away the fundamentals goals : let yourself slip by thousand of activities to fill the
needs of the world etc. Obeying to the orders of Baba Yaga, holder of all the know how, it is answering to the primitive power.

Cleaning : to purify, cleaning the psyche, to preserve our cleared ideas in invigorate that strenght in the deepest part of ourself and answering to the real goals and aspirations of our self being.

Pâte de verre. Métal
diam. 0.69m – 0.30m
Photographer : Michel Dubreuil