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Mother to child

If it is a theme, it was told so many times before. Then why would I also want to explore it? Because once again, I like to start from a such well known subject that it becomes a symbolic figure. A symbol of the pre-established vision of womanhood, more specifically of the mother. Symbol of maternal love, of the gentle protecting mother. Practically the only one in our Judaeo-Christian world; abstracting Eve (scapegoat for all humanities ills). The Virgin Mary is the only one who have found her true valid place. Her sole reason to live was to give birth to the son of God, and at the same time delivering humanity (and ultimately forgiving Eve’s unforgivable mistake). The eternally loving mother, compassionate with misericord, upon who we call in times of trouble to plead our cause to God (unavailable and deaf to our misfortune!)

From the multiple interpretations, it appears images of mothers with melancholic gazes, who seem to be meditating while protecting their child. They seem alone, yet fully inhabited by a heavy internal turmoil and many unspoken words.

Never are these mothers in action, sometimes smiling with the child. That’s why, I chose to begin on the same line to give after different perspectives to the same theme.

Pâte de verre. Metal
0,43m- 0,43m- 0,18m
Photographer: Michel Dubreuil