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I love so much the image of these two hands. I hardly can leave her from my sight… So again, a new reflextion is made which will bring other pieces treating of the approach of two souls.

The reunion : cristallisation, materialisation of two souls meeting each other. Truth reunion which will built as time will come, some experiences, some pains and mixed joys.

This piece symbolises the existent space that stay because it is there that the reunion is held. There, where everything is planned. The delusion is to believe or try to fill it due to its belonging to come permanent which permits to malleable materials as we are to ease our contractions similar to the expansions that exists during the seasons of our life…

During the cold periods (where each retract to work on promising changes of a rich future and new) and the warm periods (where expansion is at its most that we feel our heart explode) what will we be without this space.

It represents the basic of our precious love : the liberty, the gratitude, the development of each and every one of us.

This space is neither empty nor broken, it is the site where energy emerges : where each other meets; a great loving territoty where the « small », the «standing »,the « certainties », the control and the power have no hold (stand still) nor place…

Pâte de verre. Metal
Photographer: Michel Dubreuil