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The little key

The predator of the psyche (this destructor power which makes things failed, aborts our dreams and moves away the goals of the soul) is represented in this tale by Bluebeard. It means a great danger for any young person or innocent who could not recognize him or is afraid of the truth. The young persons non conscious to be easy victims take a lot of risks to prove themselves the reality.

Stobborns, they believe they know how to do and may let themselves abused by the desire of immediate return and pleasure (as does the young sister in the tale). If their fundamental instinct has not been developped by adults who have not initiated them to meet with their interior voice; these youngs are easy victims.

If educated for repairing or filling a hole in the adulte life or if we have told the girls to be kind : to be too kind, it is easy for the predator to « marry » her and stop her liberty. It is about letting her visit all the apartments of the castle but one; the one where all the good answers are : the one where the walls are keeping secret the talents, the dreams and the goals.

Too many women have hidden, what was not pleasing for them but where lovable to bluebeard in thinking healing, changing but choosing destructive men.

This tale tells about this initiation, this opening to life that will operate positively, only if we ask the right questions.

Pâte de verre. Metal
diam. 0.69m – 0.30m
Photographer : Michel Dubreuil