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The doll

This tale is the story of the transmission from mother to daughter of the initiation from one generation to an other. In teaching her to develop this listening, that interior voice, the mother is giving to her daughter the power to drive her life..

The tale tells about the initiatory process (symbolised by miscellaneous tasks to be accomplished) needed by the development of the psyche of the forecoming woman. By this piece, I illustrate the moment when the « too good » mother has to die (this dominating part or too protective of the psyche which would stop the possibility of new goals, good targets or updated talents) to make room to an autonomous woman having developped her own judgment.

But this « too good » mother, before leaving, gave to her teenager a vital tool : recommending that she never lets go, always listen and feed : the intuition.

Being attentive to this interior voice, this voice of the soul allows to quit what we have learned to be and to become what in fact, we are.

Pâte de verre. Métal
diam. 0.69m – 0.30m
Photographer : Michel Dubreuil